You’re a Mermaid! You’re a Yeti! You’re a Unicorn! You’re a Monster!
With your innate sense of style and finger on the pulse, you’re the envy of all your friends - with an Instagram following to match. Stay fabulous. Some people think you’re moody and aloof, but really you’re just misunderstood. Underneath that scary exterior you’re just a big softie - with an even bigger heart. You’re a peace-loving hippy who eats rainbows for breakfast and sprinkles a little magic dust over everything you do.
Cheeky, loveable and a little bit weird, you’re a sweet-toothed mischief-maker with a radar for trouble.
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You’re most likely to find me:
Holed up in my bedroom, writing in my
journal and listening to indie rock.
Polishing my collection of healing crystals.
In the bathroom, admiring my reflection.
Out looking for trouble (sorry mum).
My most annoying habit is:
I’ll do anything to avoid having my picture taken.
People say I’m too nice. Is that annoying?
I don’t have any annoying habits,
I’m more or less perfect.
Talking with my mouth full.
I have terrible table manners.
My best feature is:
My toothy grin (although blink and you’ll miss it).
My sparkling personality.
It’s what’s inside that counts, right?
My long flowing tresses.
They belong in a shampoo ad.
Definitely my eyes. All eight of them.
I’m most likely to say:
No one understands me!
That outfit could really use some more glitter.
Has anyone seen my selfie stick?
I’m still hungry! Are you going to finish that?
If I could choose any superpower
it would be:
The power of invisibility
- so I can easily avoid awkward situations.
I’d want healing powers
- so I could make everyone feel better.
The power to predict the future - so I
could know what’s on trend before anyone else.
Mind control… so I can persuade you to
hand over the rest of your ice cream.
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The Yeti

Sink your teeth into this! A scoop of your favourite flavour, topped with salted caramel fairy floss, blue yeti sprinkles and fluffy marshmallow horns. Available as cup only.

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The Unicorn

A fresh-baked waffle cone, sugar cone or cup filled with your favourite ice cream flavour, scattered with dreamy pastel sprinkles and topped off with an edible gold chocolate horn and delicate white choc ears.

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The Monster

We just put the ‘scream’ into ice cream! A scoop of your fave flavour in a fresh-baked waffle cone, sugar cone or cup, strewn with mini candy eyeballs, crunchy neon sprinkles and topped off with a giant jelly eyeball lollipop.

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The Mermaid

Splashing into a store near you: your favourite ice cream flavour in a cup, sugar cone or freshly-baked waffle cone, scattered with glistening sugar pearls and pastel sprinkles, and garnished with a shimmering chocolate tail.

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Mermaid, monster, unicorn or yeti - which one are you? 

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